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Points of interest
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Nature Park Central Bohemia

The nature park Central Bohemia is situated along the rivers Vltava and Sázava in the area of Závist near Zbraslav and extends to the territory of Prague. Closely adjacent to the villages Psáry, Radějovice and Radlík, the nature park Central Bohemia is considered ideal area for cycling and mushrooming. It is the largest fully protected wooded area near Prague, where a geometric centre of Bohemia is located.
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Průhonice Park and Castle

Průhonice Park is a national cultural heritage monument registered in the UNESCO world heritage list. The Park covering 250 hectares is located on the edge of Prague in the village of Průhonice. Průhonice Park is also unique by combination of exotic trees that are represented here.
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Aquapark Čestlice / Aquapalace Praha

A unique water world with the area of 9,150 square meters is the largest aquapark in Central Europe is located on the outskirts of Prague in the business premises Průhonice - Čestlice. The Aquapark Čestlice includes the sauna world, fitness centre, luxurious spa-wellness centre, rehabilitation, and many other activities.
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Commercial zone Průhonice-Čestlice

The largest shopping centre in the Czech Republic near the village Čestlice, Průhonice and Říčany. The biggest department stores include the OC Spectrum, Albert hypermarket, MoDo, Hanák Forum and Shoppark Čestlice. The commercial and entertainment area Průhonice-Čestlice is located along the D1 motorway.